Mission Impossible II – Implementing An Active Directory Migration in the Real World

If you viewed our last post, you’ve now scoped out your mission to move and merge the Active Directory environment from a division of the fictitious company, the Syndicate, into the IMF. However, knowing the scope and requirements doesn’t make your mission any less impossible.

It’s now time to focus on planning, preparing, and executing your mission. Your job is to study the environments, figure out how to bypass multiple layers of security, and make sure you have the proper resources and equipment to fulfill your mission. To increase your odds of success, you’ll develop a plan, test every element and possible variation, and perform detailed walk-throughs. Then, after you’ve accounted for every contingency, you’ll need to successfully complete your mission with a velocity migration.

Are you ready?

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There’s no guarantee, but here’s how we expect you to complete your assignment:

1) Get credentials. Make sure that you have credentials for the source and target environments; also have credentials to access to all of the workstations (for those in the office, as well as for remote workers with laptops).

2) Get proper access on the network. Check to see if there are any firewall(s) in the way; if there are, make sure the appropriate rules are added to enable communication through those firewalls.

3) Plan, test, and refine. Prepare for a pilot phase, consisting of a cross-section of the business—that means not just your IT buddies, and especially not the executive team. Let Binary Tree know your company’s migration schedule up front. This allows us to determine the ramp up and velocity for the full migration. Test everything prior to cutting over to production, including a cross-section of users, operating systems, and servers to make sure everything works as expected. Document and remediate any issues, and then retest.

4) Migrate with velocity. With careful planning, scheduling, contingencies, and a great partner like Binary Tree, you should come out alive and well!
This process will allow you to get your migration off to a great start, allow you to increase velocity AND make your deadlines. With all of that work behind you, get out those Foster Grants, give us a smile, and wait for your next Mission Impossible.

If you’re looking for a more thorough look at these processes, attend ourImplementing an Active Directory Migration to Meet Real-World Requirementswebinar on June 23rd. Reserve your virtual seat today!