We Speak Your Language

When we, at Binary Tree, started brainstorming about our trade show theme for 2015, we thought we were being clever by selecting “We Speak Your Language,” not only because we’re a global firm, but mostly due to the fact that our solutions span many platforms. The intention was that — no matter your current or destination platform — we have a migration solution for you. While all of that is true, what is significantly transforming our company today is a concerted commitment to, and investment in, world-class (pun intended) leadership around the globe.

To kick off 2015, we added James Yip as our Director of Sales in Hong Kong. His extensive technology background includes formerly leading HP’s Microsoft consulting practice. By having a physical presence in that part of the world, we’ve been able to secure client engagements and expand our partner relationships throughout the Asia/Pacific region — from Hong Kong to Malaysia to Australia. To assist James, we also hired Ben Ng as a sales engineer for the region. I invite everyone to take a look at our Computerworld Hong Kong profile, featuring James in his new role with Binary Tree.

At Binary Tree, we take localization very seriously elsewhere, as well. For instance, our excellent and long-standing collaborative partnership with GlobalTMS in Spain is now even stronger with the promotion of our own Ron van der Veen in Madrid. Ron oversees sales and partner relationships in developing countries, including India, Saudi Arabia, and Israel. And talk about “speak your language,” Ron speaks five! Check out our case study for Budimex in Spain featuring the collaboration between Binary Tree, GlobalTMS and HP Spain.

There’s more. In Germany, we’re bringing on both a sales rep and a sales engineer in Munich to handle this growing market. Since Munich is Microsoft’s headquarters for EMEA, it’s very important to Binary Tree. Our relationship with HP continues to grow — Binary Tree just exhibited our full portfolio of migration solutions at HP Discover in Las Vegas, and we’ll also be at HP Discover in London at the end of the year.

Here in North America, a lot of people may not realize that migrations are so prevalent across both ponds. In fact, we expect 40% of our business to come from other parts of the world, even as our North America business continues to grow. In addition, Erin Dunkel, Marketing & PR Director and Pete Caldecourt, Pre-sales Manager, have global roles on our management team.

Let’s face it: Binary Tree’s achievements are a global tour de force. I think this is particularly true because of the large number of engagements we fulfill for M&A or divestiture situations — almost all of these imply a global element. Moving to the cloud? That’s happening everywhere around the world.

I hope you are as excited as I am about the impact we have on important IT transformation projects everywhere. Please let me know about your global experiences—I look forward to hearing from you.