Upsize Your Office 365 Migration – Microsoft Now Accepts 150MB Emails!

Here’s the news: Microsoft has increased the size of messages that can be migrated from Exchange on-premises to Office 365…from 25MB to a whopping 150MB!

According to a January 12th blog post, Microsoft announced that:

“We now allow messages up to 150MB to be migrated to the service. The change is available immediately to all customers and is published as a new limit in the Exchange Online limits page in the Office 365 service description. This change enables customers with large messages to easily migrate their existing content to the message.”

Microsoft Increases Size of Messages That Can Be Migrated

Great News...Right?
Well it is for us at Binary Tree, as well as anyone that migrates via manual PowerShell scripts or leverages software that uses PowerShell as its underlying migration framework. It’s also good news for customers. Previously they would have had to first identify any attachments over 25MB and then save or copy those attachments elsewhere, prior to migrating.

This opens a whole new world for companies that faced added complexity and cost when migrating to the cloud previously, especially design, engineering, architect, publishing, media, and other firms with very large attachments inherent in their business. If your company has policies in place to reject large attachments or handle them outside of the mail server, this may not apply; however, if you are in an organization where large attachments are expected, then likely, your time has finally arrived to move to the cloud.

One Important Caveat!
One important caveat is that only those migration products and services that utilize PowerShell are valid for the larger 150MB storage limit. Other methods, such as Exchange Web Services (EWS), IMAP, and MAPI won’t work—you must use Microsoft’s native-based migration method, which is PowerShell.

Binary Tree’s award-winning E2E Complete is the product of choice for this scenario. Because our underlying technology for E2E Complete is modern, uses Microsoft’s native PowerShell, and leverages all of Microsoft’s best practice methodologies for moving email, Binary Tree is in a great position to capitalize on these updates and enhancements as Microsoft announces them.

Watch E2E Complete move a mailbox with a 104MB attachment in the above video!

Bottom Line: While many may be celebrating this increase in attachment size, you need to be careful when selecting your migration software or services provider. If migrating messages larger than 25MB is one of your requirements, make sure they support PowerShell. Please consider attending our upcoming webinar Comparing the Copy-and Move-Based Approaches for Migrating to Microsoft Office 365when we will cover this topic and more.