Essex Property Trust Makes A New Home…In The Cloud

Like many Binary Tree clients, Essex Property Trust wanted to move to the cloud services of Microsoft Office 365 in order to standardize its applications and allow for better collaboration among its 1,200 employees.

Essex Property Trust in Southern California

One of the company’s key objectives was to eliminate multiple versions of Microsoft Exchange and the on-premises servers used for its corporate email. This complex environment, which encompassed Exchange 2003, 2007, and 2010 servers, presented many business and technical challenges, including significant downtime and difficulty in managing, troubleshooting, and making changes.

Eighteen months into their migration of trying to do it themselves, and the fact that they had very large mailbox attachments—exceeding the Office 365 limit—were enough to convince this leading West Coast multi-family REIT to call long-time consulting firm, Hott Solutions. After removing and storing the identified large mailbox attachments, it was time to perform the migration using Binary Tree’s E2E Complete solution.

“Binary Tree’s E2E Complete and consulting partner Hott Solutions allowed us to take an email migration project that was at a standstill and finish it in a very short period of time,” states Sam Ghnaim, Acting Director of IT, Essex Property Trust.

E2E Complete migrated mailbox data from the Microsoft Exchange platforms to Office 365, automated user scheduling and notifications, and provided tools for managing all migration tasks. After the corporate office mailboxes were migrated, the remaining 1,100 mailboxes (with an average size of 10 GB) were completed within two months.

E2E Complete—A Solution with Amenities

Flexibility for migration scheduling
Binary Tree’s Web portal for managing migration activities and scheduling in E2E Complete helped the migration stay within the specified Office 365 bandwidth and the scheduled time windows.

Minimal user impact
Users automatically received emails with customized details about their scheduled migration. Because the users experienced very minimal downtime, they gave positive feedback on the migration process.

Reports for corporate managers

The status reports produced by E2E Complete provided clear information to the migration team and company managers.

Simpler, more manageable email environment
The prior email environment was very complex, generated excessive network traffic, and was difficult to manage. Today, a single Microsoft Exchange 2010 environment at the Essex data center directly synchronizes with the Office 365 cloud for simpler connectivity and management.

Ability to take full advantage of Office 365
With the mailboxes migrated to Office 365, Essex can turn its attention to leveraging this platform to meet its business goals of improved communications and collaboration among employees.

Have a similar situation? Ready to get some help with your migration? Binary Tree and our partner community can help. Find information about E2E Complete here.