M&A: Top Driver for Email Transformations

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, there are several drivers for email change. One of the most frequent is mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. I really enjoy when Binary Tree is engaged in these types of projects because they are an important, sometimes critical, part of a larger strategic business initiative for that enterprise. Email transformation projects, driven by business need, often have an added dimension that make them interesting and challenging.

Day One Interoperability & Post-Merger Consolidation

Regardless of the reason or circumstances behind a merger or acquisition, one of the highest priorities is instant communication and collaboration between (or among) the newly joined entities. Since email is the number one communication and collaboration application in the world, getting disparate systems to work as one is of paramount importance. Furthermore, because executives are impatient by nature, not having calendar interoperability for scheduling meetings, beginning on Day One post-close, is simply unacceptable.

An email migration project could involve any number of variables:

  • Integrating an acquisition into the acquirer’s email and calendar system
  • Taking two different email systems and transforming them into a new one
  • Taking a single email system and separating it into two, in the case of a divestiture

Regardless, the technical challenges are plentiful and we revel in the opportunity to partner with the customer (and systems integrators, when involved) to address these challenges head-on—using our products, professional services, and proven methodology—to help the enterprise, or enterprises, achieve their business objectives.

At Binary Tree, we’re fortunate to have been involved in some of the largest Fortune 1000 mergers over the last twenty years. We’ve worked with many middle market companies, as well, on similar migration projects. Since M&A activity is forecasted to stay at a high level for the foreseeable future, we look forward to adding many more newly formed entities to our list of satisfied clients.