A Journey to the Cloud…This Time on Foot

When an enterprise decides to migrate its messaging infrastructure and active directories to the cloud, Binary Tree is often engaged to lead this effort. It’s certainly an endeavor that takes preparation, expertise and a proven methodology. And Binary Tree has successfully enabled migrations for some of the largest and most complex IT environments on the planet.

Climbing a MountainNow, I’m about to embark on a different kind of journey to the cloud… equally complex, but this time on foot! I’m referring to my personal migration from New Jersey to Mt. McKinley, Alaska. Yes, I’ll be climbing the highest mountain in North America, also known as Denali, and one of the World’s Seven Summits. My expedition with Rainier Mountaineering, Inc. begins this week, and I couldn’t be more excited! 

You can follow our expedition via updates onBinary Tree’s Twitter account, as well as on the RMI blog. Hopefully, you will see some spectacular photographs of the climb as I endeavor to summit Denali.  

As an avid outdoor enthusiast and adventurist, I have enjoyed climbing and competitions like IRONMAN for many years. So while the preparation, expertise, and methodology required for this literal journey may be different, I suspect I will bring an entirely new perspective on “migrating to the cloud” and its challenges when I return to Binary Tree!