Elevator Pitch with a Twist

The elevator opened and there was Microsoft’s new CEO, Satya Nadella. What to do? Step in, smile, and give my best “elevator pitch.” Granted… I was at WPC, the largest Microsoft Global Partner Conference, and I was on my way to a photo op with Satya; however, I did not expect to be put on the spot with him in an elevator.

Elevator ButtonsGood thing I had just been filmed for a video about our company, so I had plenty of succinct lines on the tip of my tongue about Binary Tree’s integral role in the ever-evolving Microsoft ecosystem.

As Partner of the Year for Messaging, we certainly have a lot to boast about, but it’s also humbling to be in the presence of the rock stars of our industry. We had a lot of work to do while onsite because the conference offered us a chance to meet face-to-face with our Binary Tree partners from around the world. It was also an opportunity for our US and EMEA employees to have some one-on-one time with each other, in the booth, in partner meetings and offsite. As a technology firm, most of our meetings on a day-to-day basis are virtual, so I’m always impressed with how much gets done and how well we mesh together as a team when we’re geographically close.

Microsoft also offered us the chance to have a video produced for our company and tout our accomplishments. While a little daunting to speak to a camera rather than an audience, I appreciate that Microsoft made this opportunity available to us, so we could use the final digital piece in our broader marketing efforts.

During my film, I was able to emphasize many distinguishing characteristics and true differentiators for our company:

  • Binary Tree has a singular focus on messaging migration
  • Our long-standing reputation for delivering client satisfaction comes from 20 years of experience, our Fortune 500 clients, and best of breed products
  • Messaging is a business-critical function, brought to the forefront by triggers such as M&A activity, a CIO directive, or a technology overhaul
  • The unmet market need for migrations is still enormous – about 50 million users on legacy Exchange and about 20 million users moving from Lotus Notes to Exchange

The bottom line: Regardless of the reason for the migration, our goal is to keep people collaborating, communicating and being productive with their time. No company wants to trust an email migration to a provider whose focus is wide and shallow; instead, our focus on messaging is targeted and deep. So, after an awkward pause and throat clearing ach-m, that pretty much was my elevator pitch to Satya!