A Journey to the Cloud – Part II

In case you missed my earlier blog post, A Journey to the Cloud…This Time on Foot, I joined a Mt. McKinley expedition earlier this month in Alaska’s Denali National Park—my personal journey to the cloud on foot, so to speak.

Man standing on mountainSimilar to our customer cloud migration projects, my personal migration from New Jersey to “the cloud” came with its own challenges. Unlike our clients’ projects, my effort did not have the desired outcome, which was making the summit of the 20,322-foot peak, the highest in North America. With 40 MPH winds, -20 degree temperatures, and continued storms, my group was kept from reaching the top, but we still had an epic time trying. You can read about the details of my trip at http://sleeps9.blogspot.com.

Throughout this adventure, I realized many similarities to what we do at Binary Tree. The underlying message behind SMART migration is that a project cannot be completed successfully without the right tools, the right methodology, and the right trusted advisor. These exact tenets can be applied to my mountaineering trip. I never would have attempted this type of challenge without a reputable guide, proven tools, and history of success.

For my trip, I chose RMI Expeditions and the lead guide on my team because of their extensive experience. With 11 McKinley summits, I knew I was in good hands. Regarding tools…the three guides spent nearly a full day going through an extensive gear check with each of the six climbers in our group. We were not leaving until every crampon, boot, gator, glove, harness, rope, carabiner, multiple layers of clothing, and many more items were checked and double-checked. Lastly, the climbing, resting, and altitude acclimation methodology were proven time and time again to successfully get climbers up (and back down) the mountain safely. 

At Binary Tree, we continually strive to be the best migration resource available. We base this on 20 years of experience, focus, and commitment to a best-in-class solution consisting of technology, methodology and trusted advice. We have successfully migrated millions of mailboxes – while it’s not a mountain top, there are still many checkpoints involved to complete these migration projects that our team successfully manages. The founding principles of Binary Tree give our clients the confidence to select and frequently recommend us to others.

I’m happy to be back at sea level and—while I can’t check off a 7-peak summit from my bucket list (not just yet, anyway)—learning that Binary Tree won a Best of TechEd award and Microsoft’s Messaging Partner of the Year award are fantastic consolation prizes and huge summits in and of themselves. I’m so proud to share in the glory of these accomplishments with everyone at Binary Tree!!