MEC: A High-Touch, High-Tech Success

Insights by Carl Baumann, VP Sales & Marketing and the entire Binary Tree team of 11 who attended the show

From our Executive & Sales Teams: 

Binary Tree Booth at MECI“I have to admit, I was really excited about MEC from the moment it was announced. I was looking forward to working with our partner community, meeting new prospects, engaging with past customers, and most importantly, sharing time with our team. Mission accomplished, and then some! Not only did I get to meet with clients, partners, and prospects, I was also able to sit down and enjoy booth duty and some quality time with the good folks at Binary Tree. In today’s world of email and Skype, I cannot stress the importance of high-quality face-to-face interactions—and the Austin location was a perfect setting.”

“It was very exciting to have our booth right next to the Exchange MVP meeting area. This meant that we were able to stop by and meet various MVPs as the time allowed. The technical team had plenty of opportunities to attend sessions to enhance their knowledge and expertise, as well as share their experiences with peers.”

From our Technical Team: 

“I found MEC both useful and great fun. Austin was the perfect venue—warm, friendly, nice atmosphere and very well organized. The technical sessions were well attended and kept my knowledge of Exchange 2013 and O365 current. From a partner perspective, I was delighted to see how many of my partners made the long journey from EMEA, and to have the opportunity to speak to many of them.”

“The sessions were great. We learned a lot about what was coming next from Microsoft and some clarification on what is already out there. In particular, I found the session around manual ways of doing migrations interesting, and it was a great promotion for Binary Tree, as we take away a lot of the pain and error-prone tasks out of the mix, and have a great product to help streamline and automate all of these tasks.” 

“My journey to MEC began on the lunchtime flight from London Heathrow to Austin, Texas. The flight was a who’s who of Microsoft messaging experts and external consultants. It was then I realized the unparalleled access we would get to some of the brightest Exchange minds around. The party atmosphere of the flight over continued into the MEC week, combining fun times with interesting people with highly informative and valuable technical sessions. Overall a highly focused conference delivering real value and lasting contacts!”

“We met with MVPs, Managed Partners, potential partners and customers new and old. Having an extensive team at the event enabled introductions to our executive team and product management group, which helped reinforce our commitment to Microsoft and getting people to the cloud.”

Group Takeaway: 

“We’ve been to many Microsoft trade shows and MEC is particularly great for Binary Tree due to its focus on Exchange and O365. With customers and ecosystem partners all in one place, discussing needs and presenting product and service strategies around messaging, it’s a great way to understand where the market is going and how we’ll all get there.”