The Twenty Year Old Startup

The Binary Tree sign has been hung up this week and our new headquarters is now finally complete!  The multi-colored rooms, wishbone cubes, video conferencing, glass walled conference rooms and a huge fridge stocked with Mountain Dew definitely gives this place a cool Dot Com era startup look and feel.  That’s a pretty strange feeling considering that we celebrated our 20-year anniversary just a few months ago.Binary Tree Office
Having a new place of business and seeing many new faces in it definitely makes it feel like there is opportunity for many new beginnings even though Binary Tree has been around for what may be considered an eternity in the software space.  Sometimes it feels like it was forever ago that we spent many a late night in our humble surroundings in 150 square feet of space in downtown New York City writing code and solving cool problems.
More often though it feels like it was just yesterday that a large bank down the street asked us to write them an email migration tool that spawned an entire line of business for Binary Tree and later became and remained our core business.   But I guess it definitely was a while ago because without age and experience you don’t hit milestones like we did this year migrating 30 million end users across 7,000 customers spanning 6 continents and making the Inc 5000 list of fastest growing companies for 7 years in a row!
Even “established” guys like us can bring new products and methodologies to market, continue to gain market share and recognition while still feeling that the best is yet to come.  This 20 year ride has been incredible but the new beginnings energy is definitely in the air and the road ahead will be just as exciting.