Speeding Your Migration to Office 365 Using E2E Complete

Many organizations are investigating the cloud as a possible solution offering for some of their on-premises IT services. Cloud environments like Microsoft Office 365 are not just for small businesses. There are very real financial, technical, and logistical reasons why companies of all sizes, particularly the big ones, choose to migrate to a cloud infrastructure. And it turns out that e-mail is the first toe that most organizations decide to dip into the cloud as a business validation case. 
What are these companies trying to validate during their first foray into Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud solution? Well, there’s no surprise in this one. They want to know if the cost savings are really there. In a cloud infrastructure model, one of the main points to validate is that it takes less head count to maintain the solution environment because you are essentially ‘outsourcing’ those tasks to Microsoft. The objective is to reduce cost and complexity. And the fact that fewer people are now required to maintain the same level of service, while other IT resources are repositioned to more strategic business needs, means that there should be obvious cost savings. But how long does it take to reposition those folks? During the migration to the cloud is there a way to more quickly realize those cost savings?  
The problem identified by medium and large organization is that they require a period of coexistence during their migration to Office 365. This enables calendaring free/busy lookups between environments, among other things. And for those customers that need to implement Rich Coexistence, or Hybrid functions, there can be a drawn out support model for internal IT staff during the migration. Not only do they have to maintain the existing on-premises email infrastructure but E2E Migration Reporting Made Simplethey also have to support the coexistence environment required by Microsoft.
That’s where Binary Tree comes into play with our Exchange to Exchange (E2E Complete) migration automation tool. We help speed up the migration processing so that customers can more quickly transition all their users to the cloud and then decommission their on-premises messaging servers and the costly coexistence environment. As you can see from a recent blog post by Cloud Strategies, an SI partner that specializes in migrations to Office 365, they have standardized on using E2E Complete to ensure their customers are transitioned as quickly as possible to the Microsoft cloud so that they can take advantage of the cost savings that a cloud infrastructure provides. 
In addition, the E2E Complete tool from Binary Tree provides all the centralized tracking, reporting and user communications that help streamline the management of the migration activities. This helps IT groups reduce the level of manual effort that goes into the scheduling and oversight of the migration project. If you are planning an Exchange migration to the cloud then you should definitely give this tool a look. “Exchange 2 Exchange” (E2E Complete) provides administrators with a full-featured toolset that enables a managed migration approach and streamlines the transition to finish the project both Quickly and Painlessly.