Our Top 5 Blog Posts of 2012!

As the year comes to a close, Binary Tree would like to share our Top 5 Blog Posts of 2012. The goals of our blog posts are to help educate and empower our customers and partners with the latest and most valuable information to ensure successful email migration projects.

1.)  In February, the blog post Don’t Move Your Mailbox Data TWICE!!!, discusses the importance of doing your homework when selecting a specialized software tool to help you with a specific need, such as an email migration project. It might just save you and your users a lot of headaches in the long run, and save you a bunch of money too.Best of 2012

2.)  John Alumbaugh wrote a guest blog post for us in June on Ensuring a Successful Migration to Office 365. At the time, John was Director of Consulting Services at CloudStrategies LLC. John has since joined Binary Tree and in this post he discusses lessons learned to ensure a streamlined and successful migration to Microsoft Office 365.

3.)  In July, Pete Caldecourt, Binary Tree’s Director of Product Management, discusses how to easily synchronize the Active Directory (AD) forests and establish bi-directional data flow between the domains when performing a cross-forest email migration in the blog post Active Directory Synchronization Made Simple.

4.)  Binary Tree’s CTO, Vadim Gringolts, discusses how to properly start off an enterprise messaging migration project to ensure its success in a blog post from September titled Best Practices for an Email Migration Planning Workshop.

5.)  In October, Val Vasquez, Binary Tree Senior Solutions Architect, E2E Complete, wrote the blog post The Complexities of Migrating Exchange to an AD Resource Forest. In this post, Val discusses how to perform and streamline the process of migrating your Exchange environment to a new resource forest and linking your source Active Directory accounts which remain in your old directories.

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Happy New Year and look for more exciting posts in 2013 from everyone at Binary Tree!