Optimizing Your Messaging Platform with Binary Tree and Mimecast

The recent announcement of the strategic partnership between Mimecast and Binary Tree may have caught a few people by surprise. But for those of you that fully understood the value proposition of each company, you saw the integration benefits right away. The synergies between the solutions will help customers transition to an optimized Exchange messaging platform with a reduced risk of user impact for downtime or data loss. Migrating e-mail and calendaring data poses many challenges. Not only can it be very time consuming and costly, the risk of data being lost or becoming corrupted is greatly heightened during this process. Were this to happen to important commercial or sensitive information, the financial and legal repercussions could be significant. Most CIO’s don’t want to gamble with the success of their messaging migration, and that’s why the strategic partnership between Binary Tree and Mimecast makes perfect sense.Binary Tree & Mimecast - Unified Email Management

And the timing couldn’t have been better. A recent survey of 500 IT decision makersfrom organizations in different industries and from different geographies found that77% of companies plan to upgrade their messaging platforms in the next two years. This watershed event is driven by the ubiquitous adoption of Exchange 2010 for on-premises implementations and the great momentum around hosted Exchange solutions like Microsoft Office 365. And during these transition projects customers are looking to optimize their messaging environment at the same time. Common advancements on their wish list include full-featured archiving with automated retention policies and fast search integration, simplified Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam security, and super high-availability.  Together, Binary Tree and Mimecast provide a streamlined and risk free solution to help customers transition to their messaging platform of the future.

Benefits for Customers

Most customers see their shiny, new messaging environment as an end state where they want to be in the near future. The hosted solutions from Mimecast provide the features and functionality (archiving, security, continuity/high-availability) that many customers have been running on-premises for years and have been struggling with the upkeep and support. To move all those management headaches to a single provider is like a dream come true. But getting from point A to point B safely and quickly creates a lot of anxiety. Historically, the transition to the Mimecast hosted archives has been a manual process which was very time consuming. Now with the Binary Tree partnership that process becomes automated and streamlined so customers can rest easy during the transition. Plus, Binary Tree also provides the software to manage the migration to the new Exchange 2010 platform (either on-premises or in the cloud). So the users and their data get moved efficiently and securely to the new environments.

Benefits for System Integrators

With the onslaught of migration projects to help customers transition to their new Exchange 2010 environment, SI’s are struggling with the backlog of opportunities and are searching for ways to scale their services group. Because the migration product from Binary Tree enables the scheduling, processing, tracking and management of the project to be driven remotely, the consultants can handle multiple migration projects simultaneously from their off-site command center. This effectively helps them scale to meet the uptake in migration opportunities over the next two years.

In addition, the historic role of a technology SI is to be a trusted advisor to their customers. The advanced solutions from Mimecast provide SI’s with a new, value-add offering that they can discuss with the IT directors and CIO’s at their customer sites. 

Future Looks Bright

Over the next two years there will be a tsunami effect as the legacy Exchange customers start their migrations to Exchange 2010. Whether these organizations decide to stay with an on-premises deployment of Exchange, transition to hosted Exchange (like Microsoft Office 365), or implement a hybrid approach with a little of both, the joint solutions from Binary Tree and Mimecast will provide a roadmap and onramp to their optimized messaging platform.

About Mimecast 

Mimecast is a leading provider of essential cloud services for Microsoft Exchange. Mimecast delivers enterprise email management services that include security, continuity and archiving. This suite of services provides total end-to-end control of business email, while minimizing risk and reducing both cost and complexity. Founded in 2003, Mimecast serves thousands of customers worldwide and has offices in Europe, North America and Africa.