Fast Track Upgrade to Exchange 2010: Customer Case Study Review

A Binary Tree Webinar - Fast Track Upgrade to
Exchange 2010: Customer Case Study Review

Join experts from Netarx and Binary Tree on Wednesday, September 21, 2011 from 12pm to 1pm (Eastern Time) to learn how a law firm dramatically streamlined their upgrade to Exchange 2010 with the help of Binary Tree's E2E Complete software. Netarx will discuss the project and compare and contrast how this project differed from similar projects in the past. Specifically, Netarx will compare and contrast: Microsoft Exchange 2010 Upgrade Presentation
  • The manual migration approach of PowerShell scripts, spreadsheets and guesswork that most organizations currently use versus a new automated approach that E2E Complete enables.
  • The limited scheduling, forecasting and reporting capabilities that Netarx had when they relied on the manual migration approach versus the new capabilities they have by leveraging the automation of E2E Complete.
  • Managing migration projects remotely and how to scale migration service offerings from a migration command center handling multiple projectssimultaneously.


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