Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and Thunder Storms, Oh My!

People often ask me "How can Binary Tree help ensure that my migration will be successful?"  I think this is a great question that I am always happy to answer.  And recently, a customer found out first hand the lengths we are committed to their success.
Thursday, August 25, 2011, I received a call from a client asking to understand how our CMT for Exchange solution can help them migrate 50 NSF files to PST’s. They explained to me that their company had recently acquired a small organization and they promised the business that they would have the PSTs available on Monday morning. 
Understanding that there was a huge time crunch to meet their deadlines, I set up a conference call with my Solutions Architect, the customer and myself.  We began to show them the steps they would need to do to complete this migration.  As I listened to the customer ask questions about completing this email migration on their own, I quickly realized that for them to read the manuals to learn our product, set up and configure the solution, and complete the project in less than four days was a very tall order. 
So I offered up our Support team.  I explained to the client that if they would like,Binary Tree would be happy to take their NSF files and convert them After considering the challenges they were facing, the customer agreed and we set up call for later Thursday afternoon to discuss how they would send us their files.
Binary Tree Customer Support & HelpBinary Tree offered the customer two methods for doing the conversion.  The customer could ship us their files on a hard drive or they could upload the files to our ftp site.  Since there was such a time crunch involved they asked if they could drive the files to us.  
We were about 3 hours from each other and we agreed that we would meet Friday morning to receive the hard drive with the NSF files.  Within 24 hours we had the proper NDAs in place and the files were on their way to our support team. The plan was to retrieve the hard drive, use our own migration farm and start the migration on Friday and finish up by Sunday morning.  Then we would meet back up with the customer on Monday morning with the hard drive and newly migrated PST files.  
Normally this would be a very simple process for us. The next day, Saturday, August 27, 2011, Hurricane Irene had other plans in mind and our location for the migration happened to be directly in Irene's path. 

The location for our migration farm lost power on Saturday due to the storm.  But despite the rain, wind, and power outages, we were able to find another location with a generator (Mom's house).  As a result, on Monday morning the newly converted PST files were safely delivered to the customer.

So, how can Binary Tree ensure the success of your email migration?  And how far are we willing to go to make sure that happens?  I hope you have a better idea of that now because this is but one example.

We recognize that there are times when it doesn’t make sense to learn our solutions.  Maybe you don’t have the resources, budget, time, or knowledge it takes to perform a successful migration.  Binary Tree provides that flexibility with a number of different options for you.

We can suggest partners, or like the above story, we have the people, process and products to complete a full migration for you.  No matter what your situation is, you can be sure that Binary Tree will be here to listen to your needs and provide you with the options to be successful.  Big or small, Binary Tree is committed to your success.  You will receive the same options and customer service regardless if your company has 50 users or 150,000 users. 

The people at Binary Tree all work with one goal in mind and that is to ensure that your migration is successful, rain or shine.

- Tracy