Going Global with Partners – A Great Challenge

Growth in business is great. It’s an objective that every company strives for day after day, month after month, and year after year. Most people I speak to envision growth in business as a time when sales and marketing are working in great synergy, sales reps can’t keep up with the demand, and products are flying off the shelves. Business growth is a good challenge. Wait a minute …did I say “challenge”?

When a mid-size company needs to scale into new countries, it can be an exciting, but somewhat daunting task. It would be great to have endless cash to put infrastructure in place in each country, but that’s not a luxury often available even to the largest enterprises. In order for Binary Tree to scale into new countries to meet the needs of our customers, we need to grow through partnerships in these geographies. So off we go to meetings, training, and conferences with our suitcases packed, and update our Facebook statuses from airports and hotels. In the time that we spend with customers and partners during our travels, we do our best to assess a new market and identify future opportunities for continued growth. Sometimes the report says we may need to invest with a Binary Tree sales/channel/technical resource in that area. In most cases, however, we identify success by investing in a local partner. Helping them throughtraining and enablement to master our solutions and approach can provide an immediate service offering for customers in that geography. 

Business Partners Shaking HandsIn addition to a local presence, we need strategic insights to get rolling in a new area. When trying to expand or break into other countries, ourpartners are vital to us getting this done quickly and smart.  Whether it’s with a Regional SI or GSI, each organization gives us a peek into how their customers evaluate solutions. There are so many different subtleties in different parts of the world when it comes to how and when business is done that our partners are often the best tour guides. The ecosystem that they work in every day has all the information we need for success in a new market.

Now that our email migration and application migration products and solutions are available through local partners, good market intelligence in place. This is where another balancing act comes into play. As important as the nuances of doing business in different countries are, the methodology we’ve developed around our email and application migration technology equally contributes to project success. When we, as Binary Tree, deliver clear and valuable sales and technical training to each of our partner organizations, they can confidently execute on the business opportunities we share

So why is business growth a good challenge? Well, in order to expand our presence and opportunities globally, it’s important that we have the best and the brightest partners around the globe who can handle the challenge of growing Binary Tree’s opportunities and foot print around the world.

- Walter