Exchange Migrations for Domino Administrators

As a Domino Administrator for over 13 years now, I bleed yellow through and through. Since working with Domino since release 4.1, I've seen the product mature and expand into a vast array of capabilities. During that time, however, the number of people working in Domino Administration seems to be fading. I often wonder, "where are all of these people today and what has happened to them?" In order to answer my question, I started to look into what the market is doing. I've watched a Beacon Award winning LAEC Center close business, I've watched good friends and colleagues phased out of jobs, and I've watched as job opportunities dwindle and customers of old moving their Domino messaging to Microsoft Exchange.

With an increasing number of organizations making the move away from Domino to Microsoft, what options are available for displaced Domino Administrators? It's quite obvious that with the increasing move from Domino to Microsoft,  existing Domino Administrators need to get themselves up to speed onMicrosoft Exchange. I'm personally in the process of starting to investigate Exchange mail retraining. Having worked both as a Developer and Administrator under Domino since 1993, I see that this particular portfolio asset is an abating opportunity. Working in the realm of messaging migrations, I get to see a lot of what corporations are doing in terms of messaging platform utilization, and, today, I see the majority migrating to Exchange
So what can Domino Administrators do? There are a number of steps that can be taken. Here are my suggestions:
Review Your Organization's View of Domino:
  • Are you upgrading hardware and software to the latest releases?
    • Yes? Then you are likely going to stay on Domino. 
    • No? Ask what the plans are for the future.
  • Has your IBM Passport Agreement been updated recently or is it up for renewal?
    • If your IBM Passport Agreement is up to date and it is not about to expire, you are likely fine. 
    • If your IBM Passport Agreement is not in place or up for renewal, ask your management about licensing and their plans.
Review Your Certifications:
  • Are your certifications still valid?
    • Yes? Then you are valuable and marketable individual.
    • No? You will need to get up to speed on the latest versions of Domino to be current.
  • Can you update your certifications on the fast track or do you have to take all of the exams to update?
    • Yes? Take the upgrade test as soon as possible.
    • No? Check the direction based upon the answers above from Management. See if the path for Domino Exams or Microsoft Exams are in your personal best interest.
Ask Questions About the Organization's Messaging Direction:
  • Did you receive direct answers or general answers?
    • Direct answers will tell you what the plans are and you will likely be informed of what the future holds for your position.
    • General or indirect answers typically mean that change is on the horizon and your position might be jeopardy.
    • Ask about future staffing plans

If Your Organization is Migrating from Domino to Exchange:

  • Find Exchange Training in your area and get up to speed before things come your way.
  • Setup a test Exchange Server and learn how it works.
  • Learn about Domino and Exchange coexistence including the differences between them, what will work and what will not.
These are not hard and steadfast rules, but rather guidelines to help you prepare yourself for this move. Good luck!
- Perry