Binary Tree's Dedication to Partner and Customer Support

There’s just something about the power of the underdog. Since childhood, I always liked being “different”, and related to the unknown little guy up against the crowd favorite. Whether it was hearing my favorite childhood Bible story of how Goliath the Giant was brought down by David’s slingshot, or watching the US Hockey Team prevail during the “Miracle on Ice” at the 1980 Olympics, the ability of the little guy to come out on top has always mesmerized me. Looking back, the thing that thrilled and captivated me was how an underdog - up against seemingly invincible opponents - just might somehow manage to blend knowledge, skill, and even luck, to win.  
Underdogs have to be flexible and nimble – and they can never give up. Ialways bet on the underdog.
It should come as no surprise that I’ve relished the market position of underdog while building the Binary Tree Partner Channel. From where I sit, it’s been a fantastic ride watching Binary Tree go toe-to-toe against Goliath-like competitors, and find abundant opportunities, not only in project success, but in partnership within the Microsoft Partner Channel. One of the best things about my job as Director of Alliances is the opportunity to change people’s minds about what value Binary Tree can bring to a project, a practice, or a market. I spend all day, everyday, helping our partners worldwide leverage the power of Binary Tree’s people, processes, and technologies to address complex challenges. 
You might think that what I do everyday would equate to a repetitive worklife, but that fact is that every day brings forward a fresh set of opportunities. It’s true that I have a pretty extensive action item list, because underdogs have to chase many cars in order to sink their teeth into a good bumper or two – but once we engage, partners quickly realize that underdogs give back ten-fold of what is invested into them! As the rental car company tagline goes, “We Try Harder”, bending over backward to provide the most innovative solutions, themost responsive support and, of course, never ceasing to strive for that pat on the head that underdogs crave.  

Every partner has a unique set of skills, experiences, and value propositions to bring to market. Because of this, I never cease to be amazed at the wide range of partner offerings in which Binary Tree is able to make an impact. Some partners seek to augment award-winning hardware and software portfolios by leading with Binary Tree solutions. With others, Binary Tree’s proven processes and methodologies help build upon the heritage of years of successful consulting engagements. A different group of partners seeks to craft unique and compelling solutions within the “cloud” market. For partners, the payback in investing in underdogs is a satisfied customer who feels focused on, prioritized, and calm in the realization that an underdog, harnessed within the footprint of the partner’s "go to" market strategy and scrappy to the end, will never let them down. We fight for our territory, we protect our own, and we go to impossible lengths to make our customers say“Wow!”. Underdogs are like that.   
I guess you could say I have the best of both worlds: consistency and change. I have the consistency of Binary Tree’s subject matter expertise as my base, along with the proof of thousands of satisfied clients propelling me forward, married with the constantly-shifting needs of a wide-ranging group of global partners seeking to uniquely leverage CMT solutions and Binary Tree methodologies. Life NEVER gets boring! The great part about being a channel company is that Binary Tree can harness the power of our specialty within the market footprint of partner giants. It’s a delicate dance at times, since we need to always be open to new ways to flex and bend to meet partner needs and goals, all while being a focused specialist with subject matter expertise that simply can’t be beat. It’s through this amazing bevy of complimentary partnerships with the best and the brightest partners on the globe that Binary Tree is able to do what we do best, and bring that power to bear for the market in the way that meets a wide array of client needs.
Nimble and flexible. Never giving up.
Using skill and experience to find solutions to seemingly impossible challenges.
By many accounts, many might say that Binary Tree is an underdog – we’re small, and focused, and there are those out there who are bigger than we are. Given our successes in the market, and the power of the partnerships we have today, you might want to pull for the underdog, too.  
If you’re like me, you’ll take that bet.

- Traci