Learn How to Have a Fast-Track Migration to Microsoft Office 365

A Webinar Presented by Microsoft and Binary Tree: Fast-Track Migration to Microsoft Office 365

Join experts from Microsoft and Binary Tree on Monday, June 20, 2011 at 12:00pm (ET) to find out how Lotus Notes customers are migrating to Microsoft Office 365 via a high-speed on-ramp provided by Microsoft’s Premier Deployment (MPD) team and Binary Tree. This webinar will provide a technical overview of Binary Tree’s Remote Hosted Migration approach that provides the most streamlined transition for Lotus Notes customers migrating to Office 365.
A Remote Hosted Migration is a remotely hosted Migration-as-a-Service (MaaS) which means you don’t need special migration software, hardware, or expertise to complete your migration successfully. Quite literally, we can transition you from Lotus Notes and Domino to Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Online without any special migration hardware, software, or expertise needed. 
Here are some of the features of a Remote Hosted Migration:
  • Remote Hosted Migrations Include Email, Calendar, Contacts and To-Do’s
  • No Migration Software or Hardware to Buy, Install or Configure
  • No Expertise on Migration Needed
Lotus Notes to Microsoft 365 MigrationThis webinar will allow you to learn from the experts who run these migration projects and find out how your organization can make the move without implementing any migration hardware or software in your data center. Several topics will be covered during the session including:
  • Best Practices for Planning
  • Infrastructure Readiness
  • Pre-Staging the Migration Data
  • Pilot to Production Processing
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Binary Tree has migrated more than 1.2 million Lotus Notes users into theMicrosoft cloud. Join us on Monday to find out how to make your move fast, easy, safe,and secure.

Remote Hosted Migration Resources:

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