Empowering Customers With Support Solutions

What is the goal of customer service? To provide customers with answers to their questions, right? That’s true, however, when it comes to providing GREAT customer service, not only is it about answering questions, but it’s about empowering and enabling the customer with solutions.

It was 10 years ago today (Wednesday). I was at
Lotusphere 2001, and finished my sessions, certifications, and sushi with a good friend. I was in Downtown Disney at the Disney Store; my mission was to find a costume for my daughter to wear for her princess birthday party. For anyone that’s been there, you know the store is huge, and very busy. I was a lost, stressed out dad, and didn't have a clue where to go. I know many of you can relate to my situation. Shopping is not a fun, social event, so this was not going to be an easy task. I needed answers and I needed help. I was ready to shoot a signal flare.

A store employee was walking by in a hurry and I asked her if she could direct me to find a Jasmine costume. The employee (let’s call her “Minnie”) was nice enough to stop and answer my question, but what she did next surprised me.  She must have noticed the look of confusion on my face. Minnie said, "follow me," and we proceeded to walk to the costume section. 

Since Minnie looked very busy before I interrupted her, I assumed that she’d lead me to the costume section of the store and cut me loose to find what I needed on my own, but this wasn’t the case. Instead, Minnie became my personal shopping assistant. She helped me find the costume and then led me to the sections for shoes, jewelry, and a few other things. 

Minnie was with me for about 20 minutes and she did not leave my side until I had everything I needed, and my stressed out face changed to one of calm. Minnie smiled and said, "Have a great day"; before she turned and went on her way. Not only did I get what I needed, I was happy, stress-free, and ready to enjoy the rest of my evening at Pleasure Island. Minnie's desire to help me far exceeded my expectations of what could have been a stress-filled night for a dad who hates to shop.

So why did Minnie do what she did? I can only guess as to why. Minnie was not motivated by money, since it was clear she wasn’t working on commission. Minnie's goal was clear - find a solution for me, and make my daughter happy. It didn't matter how busy Minnie was, or how crowded the store was. For those few moments her focus was on my happiness. Minnie could have simply provided me with directions on where to go in the store to find what I needed and eventually I would have found what I needed, but I may not have left the store happy. My daughter loved her costume, and the additional jewelry, and accessories (it's all about the accessories!). If it weren’t for Minnie's suggestions on what a little girl would love, I would not have thought to purchase these items. I was a hero to my daughter and her birthday was a success.

Just like Minnie, the
Binary Tree Customer Support Team understands that our customers require more than a just quick and simple answer and we do our best to go beyond the question. It’s our goal to find out what each customer needs and deliver them a solution based upon that specific need. We provide our customers with support solutions using email or by providing knowledge base articles, but there are times when an email or a knowledge base article isn’t enough. This is why we offer multiple contact channels in order to provide our customers with several convenient ways to reach out and engage with our Support team. Those channels include:

Other extended and advanced support options include:

  • Dedicated account managers
  • Dedicated off-hours support
  • Software audits and upgrades
  • Project “Quick Starts

Binary Tree Support

Just like Minnie, Binary Tree is always implementing ways to exceed customer expectations, to answer questions, to lead our customers in the right direction, and provide support solutions so our customer can accomplish their projects successfully. When a company's goal is to provide solutions and exceed the customer’s expectations, it's a win-win situation for all.
More information about our support offerings can be found here:

- Scott