Takeaways from Exchange Connections

Exchange ConnectionsGreetings from sunny Florida! This week I'm attending the seasonalDevConnections show in  Orlando. This is a great event as it brings together Microsoft infrastructure focused technologists all under one roof and offers sessions ranging fromSilverLight programing to SQL tuning. And of course, no event would be complete without a healthy dose of discussions focused on Microsoft Exchange.
I’ve been in the software industry for 10 years, and one thing I’ve learned is that you can never talk to enough people or get too much feedback. For all of the phone calls (oh so very many) and customer visits, there's nothing really comparable to the interactions you experience at a conference. You’ve got 30 seconds to find a technology fit, gauge interest, scan a badge, and schedule a product demonstration.
And when you find a match, the results can be awesome. I’ve been working on Binary Tree’s Exchange migration tool, E2E Complete, from the very beginning, and I can deliver a concise sound bite with nary a thought. So even though I dread the long hours of a conference, I am well suited to work these events. So when you get people staring at your booth and they say, “So what do you guys do?”, I can hit them lickity split.
“We’re here to showcase our Exchange migration product, E2E Complete. It provides a Microsoft PowerShell enabled process management workflow engine enabling end user notification, self service rescheduling, project completion forecasting, and can even butter your bread on both sides.” If that doesn’t get someone’s attention, I don’t know what will. My favorite response of the show so far has been, “You had me at end user notification.”

It can be funny how many little things can make the life of an administrator miserable. A requirement as straightforward as letting users know they're being migrated can cause a ton of frustration and stress for both the administrator and the end user. Throw in some blackout windows (so you’re not dragging loads of data on your network during business hours), real-time metrics (to estimate how long a department will take to move based off of completed migrations), and the ability to sort and filter mailboxes based off of the 80+ attributes stored in our database, and we have a winning combination.
So, if you find yourself on the showroom floor at Microsoft TechEd in May, be sure to stop by Binary Tree's booth #1914 and let us show you how you can cut your Exchange migration project timeline in half. 

- Val