Benefits of a Streamlined Migration to Exchange 2010

A Binary Tree Webinar: Benefits of a Streamlined Migration to Exchange 2010

Over the years, Microsoft Exchange Server has become a more capable and complex product. If your organization still uses Exchange Server 2003, the jump to Exchange 2010 will be a significant undertaking. For organizations that are preparing to upgrade from Exchange 2003 or Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010, Binary Tree E2E Complete can help reduce the stress and costs associated with the migration.

Join Binary Tree's Val Vasquez, Senior Solutions Architect, on Wednesday, April 26, 2011 as he compares and contrasts manual migration methods versus the streamlined methods enabled by Binary Tree’s E2E Complete software when migrating from Exchange Server 2003/2007 to Exchange Server 2010 within the same Active Directory (AD) forest.
Exchange Migration Made Simple

Attendees will learn how to realize the benefits of a streamlined migration:
  • How to reduce the time and cost to migrate
  • How to reduce the risk of email downtime for end-users
  • How a shortened migration enables cost savings by retiring the legacy infrastructure sooner

Attendees will learn new methods for streamlining the migration by:

  • Performing Intra-Org migrations that avoid Active Directory changes
  • Creating an automated workflow for executing the project with minimal intervention
  • Estimating the time required for migrating groups and departments
  • Prioritizing the order of mailbox migration
  • Automatically processing and monitoring the migrations
  • Automatically informing users of their migration dates and the estimated time to complete
  • Creating global blackouts to prevent mailboxes from migrating during business hours
  • Enabling users to set personal blackout dates and to request a different migration date
  • Enabling users to receive text messages at the start and completion of migration

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