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Why are Domino migrations to Exchange or Office 365 so challenging? What can I do to make it easier?

Moving enterprise messaging to a new platform is always a daunting task. The entire concept is often overwhelming to seasoned administrators and managers alike. Knowing in advance of what you will be facing means that you will be able to proactively identify issues and remediate them before executing your migration.

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What is SID History and a Trust-less Migration?

Not sure what percent of the population would actually be able to answer that question, but let me tell you, it is important! These are pretty level 300 issues that I personally won’t profess to fully understand. What I do understand is the huge market requirement for solutions that address these for enterprise customers. With the help of a couple of folks that can go pretty deep on these topics we’ve attempted to put the need for AD Migrations and Directory Synchronizing into layman’s terms. So here goes…

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New Services for SharePoint-to-SharePoint Migrations

Binary Tree's SMART Migration Services for SharePoint will provide you with the insight, guidance and assistance to properly plan, prepare and perform a migration from a legacy Microsoft SharePoint environment to SharePoint 2013, 2016 or Office 365.

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New Services for Notes-to-SharePoint Migrations

On January 22nd, BinaryTree announced a new migration service offering for customers who want to migrate their Notes applications to SharePoint and/or Office 365.

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A Clear View to More Collaboration for VELUX

VELUX, a worldwide leader for manufacturing skylights and roof windows, selected Binary Tree’s CMT for Exchange, CMT for Coexistence, and Remote Managed Migration services to transition its 6,000 users from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Office 365.

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Put an End to Meeting Scheduling Frustration

“Hey, we need to meet, what day/time works for you?” Does this phrase sound familiar? I receive about a dozen emails a week with this question. I’m sure you receive many too or are sending the same question to others. This almost always results in a long email chain before an actual calendar invite is sent. Did you know that there are 11 million enterprise meetings a day in the US alone? That equates to 3 billion meetings per year! There has to be a better way to find a time that works for everyone.

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An Abundance of Opportunities With our Valued Partner HP

It has always been our intention at Binary Tree to work more closely with all of our partners—one of those being HP. Up until a few years ago, HP had a working relationship with one of our competitors, so we never really pursued a serious alliance with them. Then things changed dramatically when I met Thomas Strasser, Worldwide Distinguished Technologist/Strategist at HP, during MEC 2014 in Austin, Texas. We hit it off immediately. We talked about our common German heritage and we also talked about migrations. One thing we had in common is that HP viewed migrations as a meaningful and valuable point of entry to other enterprise technology projects. At Binary Tree, we’ve known and experienced that throughout our 22-year history helping enterprise clients implement a technology upgrade, move to the cloud, and improve communications during a merger or acquisition.

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Easing the Public Folder Migration Pain

Public folders have long presented an obstacle during Exchange migration projects. Many enterprises that I have worked with has struggled for years to effectively manage all the unstructured public folder data that resides within an Exchange environment. The upside of public folders is that they have become a widely adopted collaboration feature to share information throughout the enterprise.

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Measure Twice. Cut Once. Preparing Active Directory for a Bulletproof Exchange Migration

When planning for any major IT event, I caution you to take the advice of carpenters, construction workers, and other tradespeople: Measure Twice. Cut Once. My point being that before your enterprise loads up the migration software and moves its users to the cloud, you should take the time—as long as it takes—to perform an Active Directory Discovery.

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Why We Felt Compelled to Participate in the Office 365 for Exchange Professionals eBook

By now, I hope that you’ve been able to attend one of our webinars, or perhaps you were lucky enough to join us at the book signing at IT/DEV Connections, featuring our participation in the popular eBook, Office 365 for Exchange Professionals. If not, you can read the story of how it all came together in Carl Baumann’s recent blog post. In this article, I’d like to cover why we felt we had something so compelling to add to what has become a Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 ‘must read.’

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