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What’s New from Binary Tree for October 2019

What's New This past month's releases focus on enhancements to Power365® Tenant to Tenant and Power365 Directory Sync, plus updates to PowerCI™ Cost Governance.

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Four Key Mistakes When Managing Cloud Investments

Cloud Computing Solutions.png The cloud is complex and you can easily not be right-sized. Enterprises who lack companywide accountability, insights and visibility into their cloud infrastructure, should begin by implementing a cost governance plan.

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The CIO's New Priority: Cloud Cost Governance

Cost Governance.png Cloud technology has become a powerful and pervasive enabler for the CIO’s new reality in an agile world. Yet many organizations in the early stages of cloud adoption are not prepared to manage the often unexpectedly-spiraling costs that emerge because of dynamic consumption, fluid pricing, and technical drivers of cost.

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Sound the Alarm: Four Warning Signs Your Company Has a Cloud Spending Problem

Cloud Spend Warning Signs.png CIOs are under increasing pressure by their CFOs to act quickly to rein in cloud spending, even though they do not control all cloud accounts at their company. Without a formal cost governance plan, organizations will overspend.

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Leverage the Disruptive Effects that the Cloud Creates

Leverage Cloud Disruptions.png Cloud disruptions are moving beyond IT and now impacting business models and the way organizations operate. Assessing disruptions and establishing governance unique to your organization in and outside of your IT teams will enable you for a successful cloud strategy.

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The Key to Success in Exploiting Cloud Investments

Exploiting Cloud Investments.png Cloud strategy represents the single most commonly asked-about cloud topic by clients across all industries, with the exception of cloud security. In trying to craft a strategy, most clients seek a singular path to cloud success. However, in successful cloud deployments, multiple paths to success and cloud strategies must be identified.

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Challenges of managing costs in the cloud

Cloud spend challenges.png Enterprises are building more and more multi-cloud environments but are beginning to buckle under the weight of managing and optimizing their various cloud resources. Specifically, cost is becoming a major concern as more and more services and infrastructure are moved to public clouds.

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Rush to the Cloud Creates Risk of Overspending

Cloud Strategy.png The cloud brings unparalleled agility and scalability that enables organizations to innovate faster. Yet many enterprises rush into the cloud without a clear understanding of expected business outcomes or goals. Without governance, cloud spend can easily get out-of-control.

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MANAGE: Keeping a handle on your Azure subscriptions

shutterstock_487665148.jpg Here are some strategies to plan and set up Azure subscriptions in a simple, flexible way.

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MANAGE: Controlling access to your Azure resources

Office 365 managed services.jpg An overview of three ways to protect critical resources in Azure

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