Meet Steve Derbyshire, Director of Global Professional Services


Entrepreneur, philosopher, and Brit. Meet Steve, our director of global professional services.

As our director of global services, Steve helps Binary Tree reach out and serve customers around the world. Here, he talks about his 30-year career, what continues to drive him, and Moore’s Law.

How did your career journey lead you to Binary Tree?

I graduated from Manchester University in England with a degree in philosophy. Since then, I’ve been in the IT industry for over 30 years. I started working in technical disciplines and have retained a passion for innovation and change that improves people's lives. I’ve started 3 businesses, had one fail and sold the other two. I also worked as a freelance program and project manager for a number of years before joining Binary Tree in 2014.

What drives you?

Delighting customers with superior service and delivering projects and technology that makes a transformative difference to our customers' user communities.

What technology advancement in your career has surprised you the most?

Seeing Moore’s Law and miniaturization in action. I'm old enough to remember life before the mobile phone (and smart phone)! Having something in my pocket with as much power as my first mainframe is simply awesome.