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4 oft-overlooked ways to tighten up your privacy program

gdpr-privacy.png As you gear up for the GDPR, here are four sometimes overlooked ways to beef up your organization’s privacy program.

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Which Domino workloads to migrate to Azure first

Randy blog img 3.jpg.png Here, we talk about which Domino workloads make most sense to migrate to Azure first

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Why move Domino workloads to Microsoft Azure

domino on azure.png We work with many clients to move their Domino workloads to Microsoft Azure. Here are some of the top benefits for their budgets and their business.

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Using the cloud to modernize legacy government systems

gov.jpg Government organizations face unique challenges in moving legacy systems to the cloud. Here are 9 common issues and ways to resolve them.

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5 steps to set up a data governance program

gdpr-report.png Whether you need to comply with the GDPR or are just looking for ways to use your data better, here are the steps to set up an effective data governance program.

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Here's how the GDPR will affect your data governance

GDPR-Microsoft-quote.png It’s less than 2 months until the GDPR goes into effect. That means you’ll need to be ready with a data governance plan for how you collect, use, and store personal data.

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Challenges of mergers and acquisitions in the Microsoft Office 365 Cloud

BT_17_img_Office365Challenges_550x375.jpg When it comes to mergers and acquisitions (M&A’s), it’s often a race against the clock. And when it comes to M&As in the Microsoft Office 365 cloud, you face a unique set of challenges that might force you to cut corners. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can still get the job done quickly without compromising productivity.

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3 common blockers to digital transformation in midsize orgs

cio-challenges.jpg Digital transformation can be more challenging for midsize orgs that are established in their field and didn’t start as a digital native. Here are tips for overcoming three common hurdles.

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Why data governance is key to comply with the GDPR

data-governance.jpg In this age of strict privacy and data laws, data governance is no longer optional. Here’s what it is and why it matters for organizations everywhere.

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Your GDPR Journey, Step 4: Report

gdpr-report.png The last step to becoming compliant with the new privacy law is to take care of the reporting requirements around your processes, user requests, and security breaches.

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