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Quick Start for CMT for Notes (Remote Assistance) - 1 Day

The objective of the Quick Start Session is to supply a Binary Tree Product Expert on CMT for Notes to accelerate the customer through the implementation process. 

Binary Tree will facilitate this objective by remotely delivering the activities listed in this section. At the conclusion of the Quick Start session, the customer will have a base installation of CMT for Exchange available to enable their desired configuration and manage their environment.

Benefits and Value Proposition

With concerns around planning and executing your migration readiness, it’s more important than ever that email messages and attachments are migrated accurately and preserved fidelity in a timely manner with having a defined process in place. The CMT for Notes QuickStart offering is designed to accelerate your CMT for Notes implementation so that your migration team can immediately benefit from planning and defining a process for migration. The QuickStart delivers a base installation to support your desired configuration and migration environment.

After thousands of implementations, we have learned how to quickly and efficiently build migration environments. Binary Tree employs Subject Matter Experts who can quickly customize the software to best fit your organization’s needs while potentially saving the expense of an on-site deployment.  Our team will teach best practices to simplify migration processes, implement granular permissions, and optimize the software for your environment.

At the completion of the CMT for Notes QuickStart session, be assured that your migration team will have improved productivity and increased effectiveness.

Planning (to be discussed during a pre–call)
  • Finalize the web conferencing and logistics for the installation session
  • Review customer’s current migration plan
  • Review environment specifics
  • Determine an appropriate deployment architecture
  • Confirm the necessary storage requirements for the selected architecture
  • Verify the software prerequisites are installed within the environment 
  • In preparation for the installation, Binary Tree and the customer will:
    • Verify the software prerequisites are installed within the environment
    • Configure the hardware provided by the customer
  • Binary Tree and the customer install  CMT for Notes in accordance with the deployment architecture defined during the planning call
    • Validate the CMT for Notes configuration
    • Examine CMT for Notes functionality as it applies to your organization
    • Migrate Users
    • Discuss best practices for migration
    • Introduce Support resources 

Quick Start Session Costs

Contact to inquire about a quick start for your CMT for Notes project.

Quick Start Guidelines

When purchasing a Quick Start Support Offering with Binary Tree please ensure the following guidelines are met to achieve a successful Quick Start:
  • All Quick Starts are delivered remotely.
  • During the initial call between sales and the product expert that will perform the Quick Start the customer should outline what they want to achieve as well as ask any additional questions to ensure they are prepared.

  • All required pre-requisites for our products must be met prior to engaging our product experts to begin the Quick Start.

  • A Quick Start is allotted for one, three or five consecutive days/hours.
  • A Quick Start day is intended for an entire day and is not intended to be broken into multiple days or meetings and at the end of the day the Quick Start is over.

  • If at the end of the allotted time the customer requires more assistance, there is the option to purchase additional Quick Start days. 
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