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Remote Hosted Migration from Domino to Exchange Online in Microsoft Office 365

Migrate from Lotus Notes to Exchange Online in Microsoft Office 365 without any special migration hardware, software, or expertise!

Binary Tree’s new Remote Hosted Migration (RHM) is the easiest way to migrate your Lotus Notes messaging platform to Microsoft Exchange Online in Microsoft Office 365.

A remote hosted migration is a remotely hosted and managed migration which means you don’t need special migration software, hardware or expertise. Quite literally, we can take you from operating Lotus Notes and Domino to being on Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Online without any special migration hardware, software, or expertise.

Remote Hosted Migrations Include Email, Calendar, Contacts and To-Do’s

A Binary Tree Remote Hosted Migration includes migrating the last 90 days of historical email, calendar, and to-do entries. Plus all future calendar entries, and all contacts will be migrated (additional data options exist). In addition, there is an option that would allow all of your mail-enabled Notes applications to interoperate with Outlook without requiring any application modifications. Your migrated users can have what they need to be productive on Microsoft Office 365

No Migration Software or Hardware to Buy, Install or Configure

You don’t need to buy, install, or configure any hardware or software for the migration. Our data center runs the migration for you and can scale to migrate organizations with up to 5,000 users in one weekend. Larger enterprises can be migrated as well but will take longer.

No Expertise on Migration Needed

You and your team do not need to learn any migration software or know anything about the migration process. Our data center team, which has helped to migrate over 2.5 million users to Exchange Online, guides you through every step of our proven best practice methodology from initial briefing to the launch of your new messaging environment in Microsoft Office 365.

Value-Added Services Provided by Binary Tree Partners

A Remote Hosted Migration is a remotely-hosted, cloud-based migration. While you don’t need to bring in migration consultants to run the actual migration there are a myriad of value added services provided by Binary Tree partners including detailed analysis & planning, archival, AD/Outlook configuration, enterprise content management, mobility, application migration and more.

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