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Remote Hosted Migration

Fast, Fixed-Price Enterprise Migrations from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Office 365

Binary Tree’s Remote Hosted Migration service provides a high-velocity, enterprise-scale mailbox migration from IBM/Lotus Domino to Microsoft Office 365. The service combines fixed per-user pricing, a proven process and value-added offerings to ensure that your enterprise migration is a predictable success to your end users as well as your management team. 

Binary Tree Performs the Migration from Our Data Center

Binary Tree specialists perform the migration remotely using hardware and software in our data center. If a period of interoperability is required, Binary Tree will provide the coexistence software, remotely set it up on your hardware in your environment and manage it remotely.


The Fastest Enterprise Migrations Available to Office 365

Your data is securely replicated to our data center and then migrated to Office 365. Since we have an internet connection dedicated solely to migrating data, your email will be migrated faster than you could migrate it directly. After the migration, your data is deleted from our systems.

Predictable Timelines and Fixed Per-User Pricing

Whether you intend to migrate all of your users over a single weekend or over the course of multiple weeks or months, your project will have a predictable timeline. Remote Hosted Migrations feature fixed per-user pricing and fixed migration events, which means you will know your final cost and completion date before you commit to the project.

Simplify Your Migration Project

A Remote Hosted Migration is a robust enterprise Notes migration to Office 365:
  • Migrates customer-specified date range of email such as the last 90 days of email, the last 180 days, or all email
  • Migrates all entries for calendars, contacts, tasks and notes
  • Project is set up, delivered, hosted, and managed remotely by highly experienced messaging migration professionals

Customize Your Migration Velocity

A Remote Hosted Migration is a high-velocity migration that:
  • Migrates up to 2,500 users per weekend or up to 5,000 users per week in phased migrations for larger organizations
  • Includes all necessary migration software and systems
  • Includes a pilot migration to verify the performance and timetable
  • Enables you to control your timeline

Keep Everyone Well Informed

Status reports and user communication capabilities keep you up-to-date:
  • Users can be notified of migration start and end times
  • Migration status reports are provided to your management team members

Maintain the Security of Your Data

Our processes for migrating your data are designed with your security in mind:
  • Our data center and all of our processes are certified ISO 27001-compliant
  • Your replicated data is encrypted en-route to our data center and then deleted after the project is completed

Control Your Budget

Fixed per-user pricing will keep your costs low, fixed and predictable:
  • Our low, fixed per-user pricing can be significantly less than competitors
  • You will know what your migration will cost before you commit t0 a project

Optional User Interoperability

You can maintain the interoperability of email and calendars between Outlook and Notes users with the addition of Binary Tree’s CMT for Coexistence.

Optional Coexistence from Notes Email-Enabled Apps to Outlook

With the optional use of Binary Tree’s CMT for Coexistence with ZApp, your Outlook users can continue to interact with Notes email-enabled workflow applications without modifying those applications.  Any embedded Lotus Notes forms and buttons delivered via email messages to Outlook users will continue to function.

Other Optional Services

Other optional services for supplementing and extending the value of your migration:
  • Make sure your environment is ready for a migration with a SMART Migration Assessment for Domino
  • Enable directory synchronization between a local AD forest and Office 365
  • Enable directory synchronization between local AD forests and Domino
  • Enable Active Directory Federation Services between local AD forests and Office 365
  • Office 365 Configuration Assistance

The Value of Remote Hosted Migrations

Binary Tree Performs Your Migration

  • Project is set up in our data center and operated by our team

Migrate Your Notes Users to Office 365

  • Migrate either a date range of email or all email messages
  • Migrate all calendar entries, contacts and to-do’s

Predictable Pricing and Timeline

  • Low, fixed per-user pricing can be significantly less than competitors
  • A fixed migration timeline


  • Migrate up to 2,500 users for weekend migrations
  • Migrate up to 5,000 users/week for longer, phased migrations


  • ISO 27001-compliant processes and data center
  • Replicated data is deleted after project

We Will Keep You Informed

  • Automated user notifications and migration status reports keep customers up-to-date

Optional Value-Added Services

  • Enable the interoperability of email and calendars between Outlook and Notes users
  • Enable Outlook users to interact with Notes email-enabled apps
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