Binary Tree E2E Complete

Automate and Simplify Enterprise Exchange Migrations Within Forests, Between Forests and to the Microsoft Office 365 Cloud

Binary Tree’s E2E Complete software can dramatically reduce the costs, complexities, and timeline of Intra-Org, Inter-Org (Cross-Forest), cloud and hybrid Exchange migrations.

E2E Complete's advanced automation capabilities, combined with a SQL database, make it easy for administrators to streamline the data collection, scheduling, forecasting, reporting, and user communication processes while Microsoft PowerShell ensures the fastest migration of data possible.

E2E Complete Migrates Users, Not Just Data


Now E2E Complete can scale to to meet the Public Folder migration requirements of any organization, whether they need to migrate public folders to Exchange 2010, 2013 or Office 365!  Find more details about these capabilities in the Benefits tab or in the brochure (in the Resources tab).

Administrators Have Complete Control to Automate and Manage Migration Projects

E2E Complete provides administrators with a management portal that accurately forecasts the migration and automates the data collection, scheduling, reporting, and user communication processes that are critical to performing a successful migration. 

Users Stay Informed

E2E Complete provides users with a notification portal to learn when their migration will occur, sign-up for SMS and email notifications, and optionally choose an alternate migration date. 

Leverages the Latest Microsoft Technologies

E2E Complete leverages Microsoft technologies like Windows Server, IIS, and .NET, and includes a SQL database and a PowerShell migration engine that ensures the fastest migration of data possible. 

Supports the SMART Migration Methodology

E2E Complete supports the SMART Exchange Migration Methodology to automate intra-org, inter-org (cross-forest), Office 365 and hybrid Exchange migrations as well as provide organizations with the capability to manage on-going user migrations as part of the Exchange Transformation Lifecycle.

E2E Complete Supports All Migration Scenarios

E2E Complete can help manage all types of Exchange migrations. The product supports intra-organizational transitions within the same AD Forest, migrations cross-forest between AD domains, and moves to hosted Exchange environments like Microsoft Office 365.

E2E Complete Has a Single Server Architecture

Architected from the ground up to be an enterprise-ready migration tool, E2E Complete can scale to meet your business needs. The product installs on a single server and uses PowerShell in the background to process the migration jobs.


Flexible Scheduling

E2E Complete enables administrators to automatically import almost 100 mailbox and AD attributes that assist in determining how to efficiently set up the migration schedule.  Once the data is imported, administrators can easily set up migration groups and blackout windows so that migrations can be processed automatically based on the project’s schedule.

Advanced Control and Extensibility

E2E Complete gives customers the choice of entering jobs via its rich user interface or through a command line, which enables customers to streamline their job scheduling. The command line also allows customers to automatically synchronize the processing of E2E Complete jobs with external activities, enabling customers to create integrated workflows that control a wider scope of their transformation.

Accurate Forecasting

E2E Complete provides accurate metrics to estimate the duration of a migration project, which enables customers to receive per user pricing and fixed bid proposals.

Fast Processing

E2E Complete uses the latest Exchange PowerShell engine to maximize migration throughput at speeds up to 10 times faster than agent-based migration tools.

A Well-Managed User Experience

E2E Complete enables users to access a self-service web portal to learn when they will be migrated, sign up for SMS notifications, and optionally select a different migration date.

Centralized Administration

A single administration console provides everyone working on the project with real-time views of the schedules and migration processing. The web interface can be accessed from practically anywhere to provide the administrators with remote access to troubleshoot any issues.

Migration of Public Folders

Extend your mailbox migration to also include public folders by adding E2E Complete for Public Folders. This add-on to E2E Complete automates the process of moving your legacy Exchange public folders to legacy public folders within Exchange 2010 or public folder mailboxes within Exchange 2013 or Microsoft Office 365.To meet the scalability demands of large migrations, E2E Complete takes advantage of Binary Tree’s established Automated Workload Distribution (AWD) technology, which uses multiple migration workstations to perform the migration at the velocity and volume required. In addition, for Exchange migrations taking an extended amount of time, E2E Complete enables bi-directional synchronization between public folders in the source and target environments.

Advanced Reporting

The built-in reports provide up-to-the- minute views of the migration processing as it occurs. Administrators and project stakeholders can stay informed of the status of the project and easily view the completed and scheduled migration jobs with simple charts and diagrams.

Advanced Reporting

The built-in reports provide up-to-the-minute views of the migration processing as it occurs. Administrators and project stakeholders can stay informed of the status of the project and easily view the completed and scheduled migration jobs with simple charts and diagrams.

Centralized Administration

A single administration console provides everyone working on the project with real-time views of the schedules and migration processing. The web interface can be accessed from practically anywhere to provide the administrators with remote access to troubleshoot any issues.


Product Requirements
To review the requirements for E2E Complete, please download the E2E Complete Comprehensive Users Guide.

Streamlined Migration

  • Simplified setup and installation on a single server (no agents need to be installed on your Exchange servers)
  • Retains original OST files for Outlook users running Cached mode (no need to download all mail entries again when accessing mail file on new Exchange Server)
  • Migrate mailboxes cross-forest, without an Active Directory trust
  • Migrate public folder data between your organizations with the click of a button
  • NEW! Select which sub-folders of the public folders to migrate within a single Exchange organization
  • Workflow engine brings clarity and transparency to an otherwise chaotic process
  • PowerShell used to perform mailbox moves, which provides the fastest data throughput and higher fidelity than other third-party migration tools
  • Almost 100 mailbox and AD attributes are automatically imported into the tracking database, giving you the information you need to organize and schedule your migration lists
  • Unique “Do Not Migrate Before” value gives fine control over when mailboxes will move
  • Maximize migration speed by efficiently distributing mailbox moves across Exchange Client Access servers
  • Rapidly search and filter through tens of thousands of users as you prioritize mailboxes for migration queues
  • NEW! The equalized distribution feature enables you to create a collection of users to be migrated and then distribute the migrated mailboxes evenly across multiple servers and databases

Centralized Management

  • Migration metrics show your project status every step of the way
  • As you collect metrics on completed mailbox moves, receive constantly updated estimates of the time remaining to complete the migration
  • Watch as mailbox sequence and timeline estimates are charted along a calendar grid. Tell the CIO when the project will be done!
  • Blackout windows allow you to determine when mailboxes are allowed to move
  • Individual mailboxes are licensed forever. Continue using E2E Complete to migrate mailboxes to other on-premises Exchange 2013 servers, or to the Microsoft Cloud with no extra cost

Advanced Features and Functionality

  • View out-of-office settings while managing the migration queue, or temporarily skip “OOF” users altogether
  • Keep users informed with automatic emails showing their estimated time/date for migration. Bad day? Let your users temporarily opt-out.
  • NEW! Use security groups in AD to control which users can reschedule their migration day and time
  • Send text message notifications when the migration is done, allowing employees to return to work faster
  • Update users’ Outlook profiles automatically without a desktop visit
  • Keep your calendars up to date with bi-directional Free/Busy lookups for your legacy clients
  • Enable directory information to be shared between users in separate organizations during cross-forest Exchange migration projects with SMART Directory Sync
  • NEW! Create and synchronize new mail-enabled users within the Target AD forest during a cross-forest migration project
  • Run an auto-discovery process of your AD and Exchange environment to populate a SQL Server database to track the entire project
  • Rely on the built-in Intelligent Scheduling Engine (MCP running as a Windows Service)
  • Use built-in PowerShell capabilities to facilitate multi-threaded migration processing via the Client Access server, instead of an agent-based approach that slows infrastructure performance
  • Skip the step of establishing AD and Exchange trusts
  • Diagnose and resolve any issues quickly with error messages that are associated with the specific mailbox that was being migrated when the error occurred
  • Migrate mailboxes from on-premises Exchange Server environments to Exchange Online in Office 365
  • Manage hybrid deployments with the ability to easily migrate users between the on-premises and cloud environments

Screen Shots

Public Folder Migration

To Office 365 Public Folder Mailboxes

To Exchange 2013 Public Folder Mailboxes


Centralized Management

Accurate Forcasting

Insightful Reporting

Refined End-User Experience

User-Friendly Scheduling

User Self-Service Portal

Streamlined Migration

Mailbox Prioritization

Streamlined Processing

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