Office 365 Groups – Allowing users to collaborate
by Justin Harris, Senior Solutions Architect

Providing ways to empower employees to collaborate in the enterprise has always presented a challenge. Users are collaborating through the use of social media platforms, and with different applications like Outlook, Lync, and SharePoint document libraries. Groups have been created to provide an easy method to aggregate all the countless emails, documents, and IM’s that employees create while also providing the connection points to easily find this valuable information. Justin Harris (MCM and Microsoft MVP for Exchange) asks the question: Are groups the replacement for distribution lists and public folders?
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Do We Really Need Microsoft Support Anyway?
Posted by Gary Steere, Principal Solutions Architect, Exchange MVP, and Microsoft Certified Master

Based on the cost of extended support agreements, some companies wonder “do we really need vendor support, or should we just keep running the older software without paying for support?” Gary Steere (MCM and Microsoft MVP for Exchange) answers the question with a YES – since everyone needs support at some point. He also advises planning upgrades before an expensive support agreement is the driving factor.

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Planning to Avoid the Office 365 "Uh-Oh" Moment
by Justin Harris, Senior Solutions Architect

In preparing a migration to Office 365, many administrators take great care in making sure all the necessary components are accounted for. However, it can be difficult to avoid the dreaded “uh-oh” moment. Justin Harris (MCM and Microsoft MVP for Exchange) breaks down the three success criteria for a stress free migration.

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An Abundance of Opportunities With our Valued Partner HP
Posted by Carl Baumann, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

It has always been our intention at Binary Tree to work more closely with all of our partners—one of those being HP. Up until a few years ago, HP had a working relationship with one of our competitors, so we never really pursued a serious alliance with them. Then things changed dramatically when I met Thomas Strasser, Worldwide Distinguished Technologist/Strategist at HP, during MEC 2014 in Austin, Texas. We hit it off immediately. We talked about our common German heritage and we also talked about migrations. One thing we had in common is that HP viewed migrations as a meaningful and valuable point of entry to other enterprise technology projects. At Binary Tree, we’ve known and experienced that throughout our 22-year history helping enterprise clients implement a technology upgrade, move to the cloud, and improve communications during a merger or acquisition.


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Easing the Public Folder Migration Pain
by Justin Harris, Senior Solutions Architect

Public folders have long presented an obstacle during Exchange migration projects. Many enterprises that I have worked with has struggled for years to effectively manage all the unstructured public folder data that resides within an Exchange environment. The upside of public folders is that they have become a widely adopted collaboration feature to share information throughout the enterprise. READ MORE >>

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