Budimex, one of the largest construction companies in Poland and a subsidiary of Grupo Ferrovial, S.A., was updating its communications platform as part of a corporate-wide technology initiative to transition all operating companies to the same messaging platform. This meant transitioning from IBM/Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange on-premises.

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The Three Steps to Consolidate the Active Directory Environments of Merging Organizations
Posted by Vadim Gringolts, CTO

As it relates to corporate email systems, Day One is focused on enabling the employees of the merging organizations to transparently send and receive email internally and externally, as well as schedule meetings, with everyone in both organizations. My prior article covered the four key elements of achieving these Day One goals.

In this article, we will focus on what starts to happen after Day One. This is when the focus shifts to consolidating the infrastructure of the two organizations into one seamless IT infrastructure. The first component to consolidate is a foundational part of the infrastructure: Active Directory.


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We Speak Your Language
Posted by Carl Baumann, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

When we, at Binary Tree, started brainstorming about our trade show theme for 2015, we thought we were being clever by selecting “We Speak Your Language,” not only because we’re a global firm, but mostly due to the fact that our solutions span many platforms. The intention was that — no matter your current or destination platform — we have a migration solution for you. While all of that is true, what is significantly transforming our company today is a concerted commitment to, and investment in, world-class (pun intended) leadership around the globe.


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Global Soft Drink Company Transitions Email and Data Center — Without Disruption to 2000 Users

Orangina-Schweppes-Logo-Soft-Drinks.jpgAs part of a corporate-wide move to Microsoft platforms, Orangina Schweppes wanted to migrate its messaging services from a hosted IBM/Lotus Notes and Domino platform to a hosted Microsoft Exchange environment. This migration was complicated by a parallel move to a new service provider for an outsourced data center.

With the challenges of two migrations, Orangina Schweppes needed to support coexistence of Notes and Exchange in both data centers during the migration, as well as maintain access to certain Notes applications after the migration was complete. Long-time consultant, Neos-SDI, a global systems integrator, recommended Binary Tree and Binary Tree’s CMT Suite of software. All three teams worked collaboratively to perform the actual migration and coexistence tasks.

According to Fabien Florent, Chief Technology Officer, “We chose Binary Tree because of its quality reputation, high level of functionality, and flexibility.”

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The Four Critical Email Capabilities Needed for Day One Collaboration
Posted by Vadim Gringolts, CTO

In the world of M&A, Day One is as critical of a concept as there exists: the first day when two legacy organizations can start acting as one. Effective Day One communication and collaboration between new colleagues using their legacy corporate email environments cannot be overstated. Why legacy? A good question with a fairly simple and common sense answer… there simply isn’t enough time prior to Day One to create and move the entire end-user population to a brand new unified corporate email platform. Therefore, enabling two diverse organizations to start collaborating on Day One via their existing email is an essential first step towards a successful merger or acquisition.

There are four key capabilities that email users in each of the two organizations will need to attain starting on Day One. This article attempts to illustrate them at a high level with some technical details.


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