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Vadim Gringolts, CTO
Gary Steere, Principal Solution Architect

Active Directory (AD) is a critical cornerstone of your IT infrastructure. Therefore, any effort to migrate the AD environment must be planned very carefully in order to reduce risk and manage complexity.

This post will introduce you to a holistic, four-phase approach to performing an AD migration. It is not a project plan. We aim to give you guidance on what truly matters when creating the plan and selecting appropriate technology that will ensure a smooth transition.



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Like many Binary Tree clients, Essex Property Trust wanted to move to the cloud services of Microsoft Office 365 in order to standardize its applications and allow for better collaboration among its 1,200 employees.



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Come hear about Binary Tree’s amazing migration feats at our upcoming webinar on March 24th, “Lessons Learned”, where we’ll delve into three client case studies that have significant takeaways. Read the synopsis that follows.


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Partner Enablement – How We Know When It’s Working
Posted by Pete Caldecourt, Sales Engineering Manager

Click to see full sizeMost software solution providers have some type of partner program, but not all programs are created equally. At Binary Tree, we take the relationship between our technical staff and partners very seriously. So much so, that we completely revamped our partner program about a year ago. And we’re writing about it now because we are certain that it’s working.

Naturally, we want our partners to have a good understanding of our solutions, get access to training and support materials, be able to improve delivery, and ultimately make more money. But how do you build a true community – one where partners collaborate with each other?


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A SMART Guide to Starting a Migration Project
Posted by Pete Caldecourt, Sales Engineering Manager

migration_planning_250p.jpgWhen an enterprise is ready to tackle an email migration project, it’s easy to forget about the planning. After all, don’t all of the great products available today make it a snap? Well, yes…and not quite.

To ensure a successful migration, you will need to think about more than just purchasing a migration product to copy or move the mailboxes from your source to the target platform. There’s a lot of planning involved, and you want to make sure you have the appropriate team in place to manage your transition from one platform to another. So how do you make sure you’re going down the right path?


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